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My Portable Kismet begins…

When you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be, then it could be kismet, your destiny.

I can recall the days as a young child when I would anxiously await the midnight release of the newest Harry Potter Book with my mom – and the following days where I’d be locked up in my room until the book was complete. I could get lost in a world between my fingertips. A place where imaginations ran wild and I’d find myself reading a passage several times, not because I didn’t understand, but simply to relive the excitement.

That was my childhood, teenage years, and my life in young adulthood (not that I’m saying I’m old, as I have barely passed my mid twenties! lol) It was an exhilarating adventure between romance, young adult, thriller, mystery and paranormal novels.

I can’t even tell you the number of books I’ve read in my lifetime… but who could really?

What I can tell you is that up until this fall I hadn’t read a book in 6 years. You heard me. SIX YEARS. And I’m not meaning a children’s book, as I read those regularly for the kids at bedtime and sometimes just because. But I’m talking a real full length novel just for me.

Six years.

Its unfathomable. Especially for someone like me…

But life happens. And in my case, a family happened and I got swept away.

Not that I blame them, I just found a love for other things and continued the wonderous fairytale that was my life. Of course I missed reading, but instead of spending my free time between the pages of the latest romance novel, I spent my time with them.

I’ve heard that you never really know how much you loved something until its gone… but for me I realized.. I never remembered how much I truly loved reading until I got it back!

Mu husband made a simple gesture by purchasing me a simple reader for Christmas. He knew how much I loved books, and hated tablets, and I’ve avoided them for YEARS, and honestly it was the last thing I would ever think he’d purchase for me. It had been years since I read a book that wasn’t part of storytime for the kids and if anything I would have expected a Barnes & Noble gift card before I’d ever expect a nook.

But that’s how wonderful of a surprise it was to me. He toot a chance, and apparently did his research because he told me “This was the closest thing I could find without colors and HD crap, but you can’t sniff it like you do your books.” yes i sniffed my books, Didn’t you? I love the smell! Nothing like the smell of fresh pages. okay I’m weird I know. But oh well.

All I know is I was instantly swept into a new world of bad boys and rock stars, and the wondrous world that is New Adult. I don’t know where it came from, but I do know that I was hooked and I haven’t put it down.

So now, while the little ones doze into slumber and after my husband kisses me goodnight – I can pull out my nook, turn on my lamp, flip pack the hot pink covered emblazoned with the words “Life itself is the most wonderful Fairytale” and devour my latest novel.

My portable Kismet.

This new blog is just part of my journey, as my way to reach out to others who are just as in love with this genre as me! And in hopes that I will of course find new reads to indulge, and make new friends to chat with about the new hottie between the covers.  Book covers that is.


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