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Who am I?

I guess this should probably be written as if someone else is writing this, but I typically don’t talk about myself in third person.

So I’ll skip the

“Bree Higgins is” … at least for now.

First and foremost, I am a Wife and Mother to three beautiful children (four if you count my husband, as most women tend to). I married young, but thats simply because I found my Prince Charming and had a fairytale romance right after graduating high School. Fell absolutely head over heels in love, fast, and hard. And so did he. And here I am, 9 years after finding him, and we are married and have 3 children (one boy and two girls).

I went to school to become a writer and found a new love for Marketing and Public Relations. So today I work in the Marketing and head up all things Social Media for my company. I call it my arts & crafts job because I have so much fun – I get to write content, create banners, take pictures- print, cut and paste. See, arts & Crafts. I absoluetly love what I do.

I always had a love for books which turned into a love for writing, and soon turned to writing fanfiction as a teenager because of my love for NSYNC, and gilmore girls, and Dawson’s creek.Everyone knows I have moved past the boybands on my wall phase, but I will never outgrown them, or my love for Justin Timberlake (another 16+ years obsession of mine. lol). I’m a 90s kid, what can I say.

I am a movie fanatic and sometimes quote things in conversation, and have an extreme love for all things Star Wars. I am also a die hard 49ers fan.

Not sure if this is what you thought you were getting yourselves into?

Now in my spare time I do children’s photography and curb my craving of my newest discovered obsession – NA ( New Adult ) Novels.

wife. mom. fangirl. book nerd. photographer. writer.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is great! I like your about page in first person better 🙂
    I am not alone, finally. Since discovering NA novels I can’t seem to stop reading them.

    Thanks for following! I look forward to seeing what else you have to say on Portable Kismet. <–Great name btw

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